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90s Kids TCG



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The ‘90s Kids are here with the next evolution of Pokemon Trading Card mystery packs! 100+ SOLD TO DATE!!

Every pack contains a killer hit card, 4x Official Pokemon Booster Packs, 1x 11(or more!)-Card Custom 90's Kids Pokemon Booster Pack, 1x HIT Card & Possibly More!

Each ’90s Kids Pokemon Mystery 5x Booster Packs are seeded as follows 1 in 75 Black & White, 1 in 15 XY, 1 in 3 Sun & Moon, & Sword & Shield!

Our packs contain 5 Booster Packs + 1x Hit Card (2x Sword & Shield or newer & 2x Pre-SWSH Chances, 1x 90s Kids Pokemon Booster Pack), packs come in the form of 10 card packs and/or 3 card packs (for more older pulls & limited run sets!).

The Hit Cards are V, Vmax, GX, Full Art or better, from vintage to modern in NM condition (possibly LP for cool vintage hits)! NO Duplicates, NO Energies (Unless super valuable!)

90s Kids Booster Packs contain 11 random cards from Base Set to Modern Sets. Each pack comes with at least 1 holo/reverse-holo or better. All packs contain cards from pre-Sword & Shield in addition to modern set cards. No Energies (Unless valuable!).

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How soon do you ship out?

We ship all products within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends).

Are the products genuine?

Yes, all cards and products are genuine Pokemon Company products unless marked otherwise (decorations, accessories, etc.).

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You may contact us via email at or via direct message on Instagram at